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How to be comfortable in your own skin

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Hi everyone,

This is very new to me - in this generation I've always been a bit out of place.

I guess I'm just wondering if other people out there feel inadequate because they can't communicate in the way that is expected now.. it feels so much harder to be heard now that everyone has a platform.

I don't mean that in an obnoxious way. I just can't wrap my head around why/how we are supposed to be happy if we are constantly expected to magnify ourselves. I still struggle to look people in the eye when I say hello!

Ive suffered from extreme social anxiety my entire life, I don't know how to make myself heard to begin with. I struggled enough as a teenager, and I definitely don't know how to overcome this as an 'adult'.

I'm hoping to find some positivity here, I've come to the point where I'm too scared to let people know how I'm ever feeling. I'm honestly too scared to talk to anyone at all.

Im really hoping that this could be a turning point where optimism can be found and shared.

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Champion Alumni

Hi Guest4742

Welcome to the forums

I have been suffering the same and understand where you are coming from

Can I ask if you are seeing your GP or a therapist? The reason I ask is that I wasted 13 years thinking I could self heal to no avail....your thoughts are more than welcome

There are many super gentle people on the forums that can be here for you

My kind thoughts


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Blue Voices Member


I haven't experienced too much from this despite my condition, but I have found that I can have moments of insecurity and discomfort when I am down. What I try to remember is some things my counselor told me;

1) turn off social media - it's an artificial environment where emotions are exaggerated and comparing yourself to other people's 'amplified happy lives' isn't going to help you

2) humans aren't supposed to be happy all the time - it's ok for everything not to be awesome all the time. It's normal in fact

3) follow a passion - think of what you love doing, and find a group, either in person or online, and communicate with them. Although you may feel awkward at first, the fact that you are surrounded by people who feel the same as you, may help you develop new relationships. They will want to hear your opinions on what they love, just as you'll want to hear theirs.

These things help me. Hopefully something in this thread will help you.

Good luck