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Loneliness and not connecting

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Hi everyone

I find myself both isolating myself from people and at the same time desperately wanting to see people - a strange and sad contradiction. I live alone and don’t have many close connections. When I see certain family members I feel we’re not on the same wavelength anymore and don’t have the same level of enjoyment I used to with them. I think I bore them and they think I’m weird. Same with some friends who don’t contact me anymore. I try to engage in self care activities and nice things but I’m sick of doing everything alone, especially at this time of year when everyone is together and doing fun things. Hoping I can pull myself out of this hole soon.

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Thankyou for your post.

At xmas I had a similar feeling with a few relatives. Luckily, just when it got to the boring stage I took them to my shed where I had a new train set. I'm also adding a slot car set to the project. Suddenly everyone was excited.

Not that different to the previous xmas when I brought out the monopoly or the family photos or my 300 poems in a binder. I restricted my poetry to the funny ones as to not bore them again.

The other thing is how active you are in life. The less active, the less you have something to talk about.

Also, most important, people like to talk about themselves, therefore always ask questions. People also think you are taking an interest. Parents love to talk about their kids, career people- their profession and so on.

Do you have a passion of some sort? Hobby, sport?

Networking for friendships isnt easy. Joining clubs with people your own age group is a start.

What do you think?