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Living with wife who is an alcoholic

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have been married 19 years. 2 kids. My wife is an alcoholic suffering from depression and anxiety. The drinking is everyday. Alcohol is hidden throughout home. She continually lies about the hidden alcohol and the fact she has been drinking. I am starting to lose my temper. I come home from work to find her passed out with food cooking on stove. I have asked her to leave. Tomorrow she will me signing lease on apartment. The kids will stay with me. The kids are my main concern. She will not seek help. I have suggested rehab, counselling etc no use. Any thoughts? When she is not drinking she is a wonderfull person. There appears to be a Jekyll and Hyde personality going on.

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Thanks Terry. Both kids aren’t keen on staying over at her place. I am suggesting daughter spends this Saturday night with her. I understand the importance of the kids seeing there mum. They have indicated that they don’t want to spend time with her if she is drinking. This I understand and accept. Kids are the happiest I have seen them in years. Laughing and getting on well together. I’m forever hopefull that there mum can get off the grog.

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Hi all,

up date on family life. Kids and I going well. Being a single dad and working full time has it challenges.

turns out their mother was having an affair. The bloke she is seeing is a heavy drinker. The continuous lies by her has been very hard.

Each day is getting easier. I am lucky to have two amazing kids. Both are coping with new family life. Both excelling at school. Neither of the children want to or are asked to stay over at her place. She is broke and unhappy. Has stated she regrets moving out and leaving the family. Has denied she is in a relationship. States they are just sleeping together.

thanks john.

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Hi John, thanks so much for getting back to us.

You have to question her remarks, you don't sleep with someone and not be in a relationship.

The kids love you and you have done a fabulous job, I know it's not easy but the reward will come for you, as you're in a much better situation.

Please keep in touch with us as we would like to follow how you are going.

Best wishes.