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living with family at this time.

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HI, Im experiencing overwhelming anxiety living with my family at this time. My husband seems always aggressive, (he has not hit me or anything) yelling at the dogs, stomping around the house, slamming doors and calling everyone and everything every name he can think of. Today he slammed a door and an artifact that he has had for a long time, fell off the wall and broke. His anger is immense and I'm just trying to stay out of his way. I have just recovered from covid - 19 and waiting on a final clearance so I can at least go back to work to get out of here.

I'm feeling sick and worried - I have no where to go (no local family etc.) and with all the restrictions cant go anywhere

How are other people in a similar situation dealing with this - how do they cope with such an angry housemate although its not directed at you personally.

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Hi, welcome

It is indeed a testing time and many of us are frustrated and in fear. I suggest your husband needs you now more than ever and in a kind patient approach.


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If you have arguments I have a good strategy for that-

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That one needs full commitment from both parties then it works well.