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Living in a toxic household

Community Member

Hey guys, this is my first post!

I'd love some advice from you regarding my current living situation. I live with my aunt her partner and her 2 teenage daughters. I moved interstate and had the impression I would be living in a stable and supportive household. It was that up until 6 months ago. The oldest daughter has been holding a grudge for 3 months and hasn't spoken a word to me, the other daughter has just recently moved home and there is no communication between myself and the two daughters. I have spoken to my aunty about the situation at hand and nothing has been resolved, it is so toxic. I recently lost my hours at my job due to the corona virus and yesterday my aunty expressed that she is financially struggling and I need to make more of effort with finding a job and basically blamed me for the situation, I stated it's out of my control what more could I do?

The situation at hand is effecting me mentally and it is exhausting. My health is taking a huge hit for this and I don't know what to do.

I can't afford to move out, it is a future plan but I wish I had better feelings about leaving the house on good terms with my aunty.

My aunty has been my biggest support since a very young age and I've always turned to her for support but I feel so unsupported and neglected right now. I love my aunty to bits but I deserve better than this, any suggestions?

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Kleighe, welcome!

You're in a good place for support and that's great that you made your first post! Well done!!

Re - your home life with your aunt - It is very hard to detach from toxic people, so maybe go gentle on yourself, while realising that your goal is to detach and protect yourself. Keep the goal in mind, but also be realistic and kind to yourself about how you can get there.

There are some organisations that can help people find accomodation, and also cover some of the costs of moving out and furnishing a place.

Just wanted to say i'm sorry that your aunty has disappointed you and not been there for you 😞 I don't have any more practical suggestions but am happy to talk further about toxic home life, as I've experienced it as well, and also have a toxic relationship with an aunty.

Hey Sleepy21 thank you for the supportive response! so nice to feel that others understand. My living arrangements unfortunately haven't changed for the better, perhaps gotten worse. Due to the virus and no work i'm stuck at home with two very malicious teenage girls and no support. I have no idea how to cope anymore, because ignoring it isn't working at all, and in my aunt's eyes there is not alot she can do. i've tried discussing things with her, my concerns, my feelings and its just a big circle of the same thing, nothing seems to be getting resolved.