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Its 3AM and I am sleepless

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I'm a married person since last 25 years and now a loner. I want to end this relationship but my partner does want to. She throws tantrum and fight, I have soft heart don't want to hurt anyone and don't like relying on other people for things or having them involved in personal things. All the time I feel lonely and like I need a meaningful connection or help to deal with things and get motivated.
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Hi Kishore,

It is now almost 4:30am where I live, and I am sleepless. So I thought I would reply to you, since we have something in common.

Anyway a friendly welcome to you.....

I am sorry you are feeling lonely, that feeling can hurt big time. Especially more so if you have a soft heart. Which I believe some of us do on Beyond Blue. Your desire for meaningful connection to another person is understandable too.

Have you tried marriage counseling or anything like that? Or is that totally not what you want. Mmmmm. I don't have any experience or suggestions with wanting to end a marriage. But I am aware other members have ended theirs, so perhaps they can give you some suggestions.

It is a challenge to open up to people and tell them things about yourself. A bit scary. So you did good opening up a little with your words here.

I hope you get this all sorted out soon and start to feel better.


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Champion Alumni

Hello Kishore

Welcome to the forums and thanks for posting too

I hear and empathise with your situation and having a kind heart as well. There are many people on the forums that are in a similar situation....and its a painful one.

We can be here for you Kishore if you need to vent or just have a chat 🙂

my kind thoughts for you


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Champion Alumni
hi Kishore, I've read your other post and replied back to you, and understand where you are now, but maybe suggest that you want to have a separation for a short time, and by that I mean it could be for 2 weeks, 1 month, but tell her it's just for a week or so.
By her throwing tantrums is not helping you one bit, it clouds your thinking and scared of making a decision that you know will upset her, but you have to remember that at the moment you are unhappy, so you need time out, and if you don't feel as though you can discuss this with her then ring her when you have found somewhere else to live.
I realise that you are soft hearted, but do you want to be in a marriage that doesn't bring you any happiness, so sometimes you have to think of yourself. Geoff.