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Issues with sister

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Hi All,

This is my first post, and I'm looking for some advice from strangers!

My husband and father bought a property for my sister to live in, it was supposed to be a long term option. She has moved out after about 18 months. My husband and I have learned that she never removed her name from community housing lists. This has angered me to the point where I don't want anything to do with her. I view the non removal of her name from community housing lists as a lack of commitment. Am I over reacting?

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hi there,

Did she give u a reason why she moved out at all?

About keeping her name on the list I don't see any harm in that. She would have the choice if something came up (takes so long) to stay or leave, at the end if the day it's her life. I can see how it would be frustrating though because a lot was done for her.

I personally like change & move around others prefer safety & security. Is she the type to stay in one place or move around?

Life these days changes, for eg.you might lose your job and have to relocate for work, so having another option is a great thing in my eyes so I'd have backup plans personally. But that's me & one opinion. Everyone is different.