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Issues with single life, feel time is running out.

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I am a 23 year old man with no experience in the dating game. I want to outline some things which I feel are making me worry that time is running out.

-I am currently unemployed but studying Business at uni, I feel the reason I am holding back is because I would prefer to be employed before I start finding someone. To me, if I meet a woman and she asks what I do for a living, saying what I am currently doing is a massive turn-off.

-I am on the heavy side but am working on improving my physical health. The problem is, it is a long road to go, but I refuse to quit.

- Dating sites are terrible to start conversations. You can have the best funny pick-up lines in the world but the response is "hahaha"

This post may look very "incel"-like, but I am certain I am not one. I know that I am the chosen one to fix all of my issues and it is all up to me to fix them. Sadly, I feel that there is a cut off time for dating, "if you are still single by the time you are 25, buy some Phillippino mail order bride you miserable tool."

Is there any clear indication to know that you are making progress to get yourself noticed by the ladies or do you just go with cheapest option?

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Hi Agent,

Not trying to downplay how you feel mate but your young! Don’t put so much pressure on yourself!

It sounds like you are already taking some big steps for a bit of self improvement. If you are doing that for you then great. If it’s for another person, then we’ll they were probably not worth your time to begin with.

My little two cents is patience and confidence. Have confidence in yourself and what you do and don’t come. Patience - love will usually come knocking when u don’t expect it. Still put yourself out there, just don’t act or be desperate to find it.

Plenty of time my friend!

Agent79 I admire you for your wisdom which as I read here you have plenty of already!

Ironically because I'm in my 'vintage' years I see that you have so much time left to meet the someone special. Eg; I'm in a fairly new relationship and I thought "I' thought I was too old to find love again, but as it turned out I wasnt! I decided after many many on line dates, the online way of meeting someone wasn't for me. So I decided to stop trying and start caring about myself more, as I would my best friend or partner...So I did, joined a couple of groups I was interested in (it took courage I can tell you!) and then bingo, along came my gorgeous caring partner right when I wasnt looking! What I'm thinking now is; is there anything else your interested in that you'd like to do? Something just for you? What have you got to lose but to give it a go?

You sound a lovely sensible person and I'm there's someone special out there waiting for you too....

Wishing you peace and love x