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Is there hope for a loving relationship where one side hates themselves?

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For the moment I'm going to try leaving out the specifics of my relationship and ask for reactions to the concept in general. I suppose I'm hoping for responses that go "yes/no and here's why/an example", but of course I'll take whatever I can get:-)

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Yes - because hating yourself should only be a temporary manifestation of an underlying psychological problem. Anything temporary by its very nature is fixable.

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Community Champion

Hello walkingbass,

Welcome to the forums..

Thats okay about not feeling up to sharing..you can share as much or as little as you feel up to...

To answer your question..in my opinion.

yes.....One can love someone who hates themselves...I believe that even though someone hates themselves, they still have a whole lot of love to give to a special person.. The person who loves the one hating themselves, loves them because they see something very special and beautiful in him/her...Eventually the love of that person, who loves the one who hates themselves, will make that person feel loved and special because they are....then by them giving back that love, will in time help them to learn to like then love themselves...

Love is beautiful, Kind, soul nourishing, patient and caring..with the love of a beautiful person toward anyone, who hates, likes, or loves them self can turn their thoughts and life to something amazing beautiful..

I hope I some sense..and you are feeling okay...

Write here anytime you feel up it...I’m listening as many more are...in this very safe and caring community..