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Is there an adult protective services or other place I can get help?

Community Member

Is there somewhere I can get help for someone who is mentally very unwell with PTSD, depression anxiety etc, has physical disabilities and is in a wheelchair a lot.

The problem is that her husband is her carer and she is now living in filth. the carpet is filthy, cat letter box only emptied once a week or two, kitchen only ever cleaned when zero dishes left and he gets sick of having to wash something just to use it. He only washes his uniform for work. Her clothes are covered in animal hair and dirty. She is always light headed and I am sure it is from lack of nutrition as she often lives off toast or cereal as it’s easy for him to get and cereal is something she able to get herself if there is a bowl, spoon and milk.

Is there a way to get help for her as she has zero family or friends, so it’s not like anyone ever goes to her house, so they don’t know she is living like this.

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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi AnnabellaRaine and welcome to Beyond Blue

It is lovely to see you are so caring for someone you know little about. It is difficult to know precisely which organisation to contact, but my first thoughts for you are to make contact with the local community health care centre where the person lives. I would explain the situation and see if they can get a social worker to go and do an assessment.

If the person is old, then you could think about contacting - My Aged Care at www.myagedcare.gov.au/about-us . Again, it would be useful to have someone go and do an assessment. It does sound like the partner is not coping very well themselves.

Hope some of this helps Annabella. Thank you once again for caring.

Kind regards