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Insecure Girlfriend

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Hey guys,

I have been dating this amazing girl for a year and bit now and she is everything I want in a girl; beautiful, funny, smart, instinctive. The list just goes on. She also makes me extremely happy. I am having a problem with her self-beliefs and jealousy/insecurity as she is constantly upset. I tell her how amazingly beautiful she is slyly. She lost her father when she was 10 and has never seemed to overcome it, which I completely understand. She hasn't done well in school due to this and the laziness became a habit or as she thinks apart of her personality. I see amazing potential in her but I just am struggling to help her find this. She also gets jealous easily, believing i'm looking at other girls on social media. I just want her to know she's the only girl I want and need and that she has the world at her feet.


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Community Champion

Dear Anonymous01012~

It sounds like your girlfriend is lucky to have such a caring and understanding person to be with her. I guess in this situation there are some things you can do to make her feel better, but some things she must do herself.

Not using social media in a way she might be uncomfortable with might be an option. I don't know how heavily you use it of course, however cutting back for a while might give her less to worry about.

Perhaps more importantly if there is a chance she is suffering from a condition - maybe anxiety or depression - then encouraging her to seek medical help would seem pretty sensible. As someone with anxiety and depression conditions myself it was the way I improved.

Encouraging her to do things that give her satisfaction and a sense of accomplish would also seem in order. Do you have any ideas along these lines?

What may appear as laziness is not always the case. I would have appeared that way when depression had taken hold. When I improved I had the energy and inclination to do the things I'd stopped doing before.

All these things are helpful, however it is really up to your girlfriend to see her doctor, say how she feels every day, and ask to be diagnosed. Then if any treatment is recommended to take it up wholeheartedly.

I hope you come back and discuss this again, it can be a difficult situation


Thank you so much Croix!

I will definitely use your advice. Thank you again for helping me out!