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In a lonely well and can never find a soul mate

Community Member
Hi, just new here , fifty year old male .. have tried all my life to make close friends but never good enough to have a soul mate or first friend , I hate how I look and how I stuff up friendships , do I just give up and accept I can never be loved etc
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Peppercorn67

Welcome to the forums and good on you for having the guts to post too!

I am 57 and joined here in Jan 2016 after being made redundant (and single at the same time)

You and I have a lot in common as I am really good at stuffing up relationships that I have had....In all seriousness I have accepted that I dont have a really good track record where relationships are concerned and am doing my best from now on...

Anyone that has the guts to post a thread here is a strong person. Your soul mate is there...I used to have anxiety and now clinical depression but am doing my best to find my soul mate....

Just a note if thats okay....the forums are a rock solid safe to post (otherwise I wouldnt be on here) whatever is on your mind Pepper. There are also many gentle people that can be here for you too 🙂

No one will judge you (or me) on the forums as its a friendly place to be in.

Please dont give up..ever....

This is your thread and you are more than welcome to post as many times as you wish Peppercorn67 🙂

My kindest thoughts


Community Member

Hi. Im meercat. Id be the queen of stuffing up relationships or making the wrong choice of mates.

i think iv got the right one now. he appeared on my doorstep 7 years ago with my neighbour and didnt go home.

Partners can appear in all sorts of places. Markets have lots of interesting people to talk to. Dancing classes at the clubs are fun cause we're all beginners and its an easy way of meeting people.

meercat xx

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor
Peppercorn, I don't think the problem is with you, it's just hard to find good people these days! Finding that elusive connection, whether it be for a soulmate or a close friend, isn't always the easiest in this self-absorbed world. Just keep living your own life and you'll meet them, all you need is three or so great people in your life and you'll be set!