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I think my girlfrind may be working as a prostitute

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ok so where to start.

my names josh im 22 years old and have been with my gf for the past 6 months i love her alot and she means the world to me.

up until recently we have had a great relationship, this was untill she started a job baby sitting now what first got me suspicious was she was taking sexy underware to work every day the stuff she only used to ware for me on top of that she was makeing up to 600 a day now when i questioned her about this she said the family are very rich the dad is a ceo of a large company and thats why they pay so much.

still not convinced i waited untill she left her phone in the room with me while she had a shower i found msgs there talking about rosters and hours she needs to be in i also found a string of msgs from someone who said they were from her first day of work at "studio relax girls" from the same person was msgs asking when she is working and "i miss the way you make me feel" also replys from her saying im already booked up so you can wait or just see one of the other girls.

armed with this evidence i confronted her about this she rejected it all saying its just a joke between her friends and she is doing babysitting. i however was not convinced so i called up this "studio relax girls" described her and made an apointment to go see a girl who matched her description. i got to the place and found her there in red lingerie she look shocked to see me i left the place straight away without speaking to her.

about 6 hours later i turned my phone back on and she called me saying how sorry she was and that she DOESNT DO FULL SERVICES no one touches her and she doesnt touch them sexually and only gives back massages after a long discussion going over and over that she says she doesnt do anything sexual i took her back.

she went a week without going there and ignoring there calls then she tells me se is going to work there doing nothing sexual only doing massrges like she was before i hated it so much i argued and had fights with her regarding it finally she said im working there get used to it or im leaving you. i am deeply in love with her so i backed down and let her do what she wanted regardless of how much it hurt me. she has done two shifts now since i found out the first time i smashed the living hell out of everything that was around me got angry and fell apart inside i begged and begged her not to go back but she did her second shift since i found out was today i spent the first half of the day in bed crying feeling sorry for myself and talking to her on fb i figured whats the point of this so i called up a good mate of mine just to go hang out and talk s**t i told her i was going and ill talk when i get back. so about an hour and a half goes by and she sends me a msg saying that she just had a one hour client i think ok stay calm she wasnt doing anything sexual its all ok, 5 minutes after that first msg she sends me one saying "i slept with him call me", i threw up died inside felt like i had been torn apart i was full of anger and sadness how could she do this to me i race home and call her as fast as i could. she then tells me it was only a joke and she just wanted me to call her because she miss me i could not believe it was she serious did she think this was funny. she tells me im over reacting and stop being so clingy.

my question to everyone is

am i just being naive trusting her? was she confessing to me then chickened out? how can i trust her? i love her and want to be with her but this is tearing me apart and i honestly feel like i dont know what to do

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Champion Alumni

dear Josh, this is a difficult call, well not really, if this happened to me I would be long gone.

I personally don't believe a word she has said to you, it's obvious you have found messages on her phone, caught her at the premises and she takes her sexy lingerie to 'studio relax girls'.

Why don't you ring this place up and see what is available, give a false name, and ask about the prices.

I know that you love her but once you ring them you know definitely what to do.

I couldn't cope living with a pro with all these guys doing what they came there for, not for a back massage, and it's certainly not an IVF, and even if she says that she will give it up, mmmmm, she won't the money is too good for her. Geoff.

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This thread is old mate, but I am going to respond nevertheless.  You have to do EVERYTHING in your power to let this one go mate.  She is going down a very steep and slippery slope and you don't want to get in the way when everything starts crashing down on her.  GET OUT OF THERE, NOW!!  Asides from that, she's hooking man, plain and simple, birds of the same feather flock together, if she wasn't, she would never be caught dead in a place like that.  You have to develop some fortitude and this kind of stuff isn't taught in the classroom mate.  Take the first step and start distancing yourself.  I bet she has you cut off from all of your friends, family, coworkers, anybody that could possibly interfere with her control over you mate, GET OUT OF THERE, NOW!! Never look back man, its a very dangerous situation you're in. Best of luck to you, I hope this is all behind you now.  

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I also know this is old, but I want to respond.

Firstly, she sounds a bit unhinged. Secondly, she obviously didn't tell you about her work because she felt you'd either prevent her from doing it, or break it off. Bad move on her part though assuming you were too naive to notice what she was doing.

 She's making $600 in a shift - you don't get that kind of money by giving massages, even erotic ones. She was definitely providing a "full service". The establishment will likely not divulge details over the phone - depending on what state OP is in, sex work is not technically legal in some places and there are some grey areas.

 I'm not against the industry, most in it are very willing participants. Happy and healthy. This doesn't excuse her behaviour though and I agree that she has some problems - to say the least!

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If you cannot bear another man touching your girlfriend even for money...then let her go. she can promise to quit and get another normal job but the minute you have an argument she will probably go back to the money.

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Hi Monty. My name is Lynda. I have to agree with the other posts on this one. No matter what the excuses are, you will never be able to trust her again. The mere fact she lied about where she was going, what she was or wasn't doing means she's selfish, uncaring. She actually admitted she slept with a client, sorry but why are you hanging around. You deserve someone who loves you as you love them. This girl is not capable of love. If my partner ever said he was going out without me, my first question would be, where are you going, why can't I come too. If he tried to say, a night out with the boys, then didn't come home till all hours, I would be ultra-suspicious. It's your call whether you check up on her, personally I wouldn't waste time or phone call. I think if you do call the number you found, you're going to be more hurt than you are now. Either kick her out, or leave. Find someone worthy of you. You sound a decent, caring guy.