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I need someone to chat to.

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I feel as if no one cares. I live with my mum and two younger brothers and both my brothers hate me. My mum favours them and always believes them, I used to lie a lot and this just pushed me over the edge. My brother came down crying and screaming at me while my mother was outside. Saying i messaged his friends, calling them incredibly rude words and that I texted my grandma saying she was fat (i didn't).

I'm already have a crap day, I feel as if i'm not enough and struggle to eat and do basic actitivites.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi Em4y9,


I am glad you have reached out the the beyond blue community. I am sorry to hear that you're feeling  that no one cares, that is a horrible and isolating experience.


I hear that you're saying your home environment is not great at all, and you are struggling to do basic activities. But might there normally be something you enjoy doing or as escape whether that being work or some activity eg walking outside in the fresh air? I know this is easier said than done however I think it's important to take time to really care for yourself right now. 


Please remember you are more than enough regardless of how others may perceive you or make you feel.

Please feel free to reach out to Beyond Blue 1300224636 if you need immediate support or just someone to speak to further about your situation. But in the meantime our forums are here available to you.


Take care 


Community Champion
Community Champion


We do care about you and thank you for writing your post. 
You are dealing with a hostile environment and that makes you feel down.

You are doing a lot under difficult circumstances. 

Fern has given you helpful suggestions.

The support line has trained people ready to listen and help.

we are here and yiu are nit Ali e. If you feel like it write a post. We are here to support you.