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I need a bit of help

Community Member
Hello, I am a newbie here and I would love some advice or stories of similar life experiences and how you cope... I don’t know where to begin. I have a lot of negativity surrounding me both internally from negative thoughts and from external people in my life. I have started to be able to cope better by doing yoga and art but it’s still really difficult. I had a psychotic episode around Christmas time after I was physically assaulted, among other things that happened. I have put on quite a bit of weight and my self esteem is so bad now. My boyfriend doesn’t find me attractive and won’t sleep with me. He’s obviously having an affair because he’s out nearly every night. My sister has admitted that she slept with him recently and now she keeps accusing me of having revenge sex with her boyfriend (untrue btw). My house mates I think are always talking about me, this could be paranoia because they are quite lovely but I feel they’re covering for my boyfriend sleeping around. I just want to feel good again and like the old self I was. Quite a long thread, sorry bout that, but any feedback, advice or similar experience would be great 🙂
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Mememo, and a warm welcome where I have seen you reply to many other comments.

I am definitely sorry about being physically assaulted and hope you are not suffering from any injuries, this and your boyfriend having an affair, as you say, it's time to let him go for your own health.

I am not sure 'revenge sex' can happen, because it's a physical connection between two people, but you need to say good-bye as he is only using you and your house for his advantage.

This may help you connect back with your flat-mates.

It's great you are doing yoga as well as art, a terrific combination.