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I just need new friends

Community Member
Does anyone else out there feel like they need a new set of friends? I hardly have anything in common with mine anymore. I feel like mine are all so selfish and toxic.

I think this lockdown (im in melbourne) has really made me think about what brings me joy and putting myself first. Ive suffered with anxiety and depression since i was 10, not many people would ever know.
Out of all of my friends i feel like no one shares my interests.

How does a 27 year old find new people?

Sorry if this doesnt make sense. Its just irritating me today more than usual
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Thefeels,

I have definitely gone through times where I have re-evaluated my friendships, sometimes it turned out to be miscommunication though and we were able to talk it out. Would you be open to speaking to your friends about how you feel?

Making friends through hobbies is a good way to meet people! For example art classes, anime clubs etc. I understand that this can be very difficult especially with the current COVID situation, sometimes these clubs have gone online!

What are your hobbies?

Hi missep123,
Thanks for replying 🙂

Yeah ive felt that way for a while and just did what i wanted to do on my own because every time id ask if anyone wanted to come it was always a no or they thought i was joking.

Thats a good idea, ive been trying to think of some free hobbies so ill look into that 🙂

In regards to what i like to do, its quite a mixture ive very open to trying and discovering new things (ive figured my friends arent)

I like to visit galleries, see an opera, ballet, but also i would like to go to more music festivals

I feel like im being selfish but im just not interested in a life all for insta and chasing attention from guys then.

Ive only opened up to my friends in the last couple of years about my mental health struggles but i find it so hard to talk about

Hi Thefeels,

Apologies for my delayed response!

Being able to speak to someone you trust about mental health struggles really does make a huge difference. When you don't feel as comfortable it can really make you hesitant. I know from my experience it has!

Those sound like really awesome hobbies 🙂 I feel as though after the lockdowns start to life you may be able to meet new people that way! I always think clubs are fun too and there are so many out there! I wonder if there is an 'appreciate the art' group as it seems as though you appreciate galleries, opera and ballet.

I don't think you're being selfish by not being interested in those things, in fact that's what makes you - you!

Here for you!