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i have been cheated

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i have been cheated and ditched by someone i really liked. I dont have any social life and no family here in Australia. I met this person couple of months ago and he was really nice initially but now he has started ignoring me. We used to chat through emails most of the time and met few times as well. I seem to be addicted to his emails. He has stopped sending me now. I feel empty from inside now. Not sure what i have done wrong that he is doing this to me. This is really annoying and frustrating. Not sure how to deal with this emptiness. There is feeling of anxiety all the time. Heart racing and strange feeling which is really killing. I know its just been 2 months but still i think my loneliness made me attach to that person in no time and now i just want to stop thinking about him but just not happening. I dont have many people around me but since this thing has happened hate everyone around me. Dont feel like talking to them. It feels like that they are laughing at me. Can someone please help me to get out of this thing. This feeling is really making me feel miserable and depressed

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ks99 this relationship was obviously not meant to be. No doubt you found someone you liked, had some sort of attachment to, and now they have abandoned you. Maybe they did not feel the same way. This would upset any person in this predicament and is totally natural. Though the advice to get through such a situation would be to move on, spend time with friends and family, but you state you have no social life and no family here. What interests do you have? You should get involved with people and if able, do it away from the internet. Meet people in person. People are more honest I believe that way. 


You mention not wanting to be around your friends, not wanting to be social, these are common symptoms on depression and you also mention anxieties. Maybe a little bit of separation anxiety. Perhaps would be a good idea to speak to someone professionally if you cannot overcome these feelings alone.

It is good you came here, it is a great place to open up. I wish you all the best.

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dear Ks, when someone just drops you for no apparent reason, and you maybe in love with them, it does break your heart.

Life can be so torturous and it's always out to test us, and if we have any inkling of depression, it hits us so much harder, and then takes us a long time to recover.

Guys are always trying to hook up with girls on the internet, but the problem is that are they genuine in doing so, it's no different to people wanting to contact me through the net, and how they got my email address I don't know, but most go into the junk file, and then deleted.

Maybe they are trying to con us out of money, which is really the curse of the world, but unfortunately we need it, and if we don't have any money they drop us 'like flyn'.

We have to be careful because these people promise us the world, and say that we are the most beautiful person alive, which is only a con, expecting us to share our fortunes with.

There are a few interests that you maybe interested in so that you can meet people, and even if you don't participate you can just go and watch, events like, dog training or obedience, soup kitchens, tennis clubs, gyms, organised walking tracks, joining Apex, op shops, and the list goes on.

I would treat this chap as a user or possibly a fake person trying to extract money, see how you go and please get back to us. L Geoff. x