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I feel unwanted and abandoned

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My boyfriend of 4 years constantly finds ways to not be there for me when I am having what we could call an episode. As we all know we have days when it is all way to hard for us to do things. Today was one of those days for me and I let my partner know that I really needed him today to comfort me as I’m not having a good day. Every time I’m having one of these days when I need his support he turns his back on me and says he is tired or his mum won’t let him (his almost 20). It makes me feel like he is avoiding trying to help me and everytime I mention this he says he is being helpful and that he loves me. I can’t help but feel so let down and abandoned like I’m too much but this is when I need his love most. I’m not asking for much. Just his love, attention and time. Am I being crazy? I just need him with me. He takes the ease of my anxiety and depression. Does anyone have any advice?
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Tiarhnad,

Sorry to hear you are feeling this way.

Can I suggest that you have an open conversation about this with your boyfriend, perhaps he is unaware or finds it difficult. Guide him and suggest simple ways that he can assist you when you are needing it.

Some people are just not comfortable with emotionally supporting others and may need to learn this skill.

Do you think this may help?