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I feel distant from my friends.

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This is my first time posting on here.

I feel distant from friends and family, all of my friends don't talk to me and the ones that do just hang up after 15 minutes. I feel sad about it all. I try to keep in touch with my best friend, but High School has made him no longer talk to me as much. I am not sure how to explain my feelings atm.

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Community Champion


welcome to the forum and thanks for making your first post.

It is hard at the moment and I feel many can relate to your feeling of being distant to others.

I think when life has becomes more predictable relationship will hopefully be one easier.

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Community Champion


I am sorry you are going through this.

I have found throughout my life that the older i get, the further i drift away from my high school friends.

you WILL make new friends, just give it time and it will happen.

here if you need,

jaz xx

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Champion Alumni


Welcome to the Beyond Blue forums and thank you for being open here. You are very strong.

It seems like your best friend is growing. Have you told him how you feel? Sometimes communication is key.

You will find the right friends eventually. It will be when you least expect it.

Stay strong and keep doing what you love.