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I don't know if I really am suffering from a mental health problem

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I have been going through my parents divorce since I was in priamry school and im currently in highschool and almost finished yr 12. being the oldest child ive been pulled into the fighting, and also my mum or dad talking about the other to me. also at school i dont really know where i sit anymore. my old friends think that ive been useing them to sit there ever since i started sitting with other people. i feel like all my friends talk behind my back and now they are just telling me that they have been. everything has been piling up on me recently and i dont know what to do bc i dont want to talk to my parernts about it and i cant talk about it to my friends. my old friends make me feel so bad and self consious. i dont really know if i want to post this publicly bc i dont want them to find out ever. i dont think i am suffering from a mental health problem but i just wish someone could understand and actually listen without going and telling someone else. 

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Community Champion

Dear Ecarg~

I'd like to welcome you here to the Support Forum. You do not need to worry about anyone realizing who your are. This place is totally anonymous, and if your were to make a slip in a post that might give you away it would be picked up - so please don not worry.


It is not in the lease surprising you feel as you do, and are worried and hurt by friends and their actions. I would guess it all stems from your parent's actions.


To get a divorce is one thing and many times can be handled in a reasonably friendly manner. Unfortunatly that is not always the case and you are stuck in a truly horrible situation where both of your parents are trying to use you in the contest, and also by bad-mouthing the pother parent to you.


To put it bluntly they have no business doing this and are putting themselves before you and your welfare. It is simply not right to involve a person of your age, someone who should be looked after and cherished, not used heartlessly as ammunition.


When those you love do not return it properly that can have a great effect on you, leaving you in the  position where your confidence in everyone, friends included, is worn away.


It is natural to sit wiht different people and groups from time to time and more mature friends will not see this as any sort of criticism or end of friendship. If they do please be patient with them, they have some growing ot do.


With all this on your shoulders do you have anyone at all who is simply there for you and not judgmental and simply listens and cares? It can make a big different to how you feel about yourself -and others - if you have someone on your side who can give you a different outlook.


Have you considered going to a councilor or favorite teacher to talk things over? I know you may feel been seen with them is not on. I can also recommend the Kids Help Line, where you can talk openly about your life and how you feel. They are very understanding , give good advise if asked, and can be contacted by phone, email or text (I think phone sessions go longer and are better though many younger peple prefer texting, at least to start with)


Because they are good you can expect a bit of a wait on the phone.


If you felt like it I really would like to know how you get on