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I don't know how to change my consistently uneventful and depressing life that I have barely any control over.

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Hi, I'm Min.

Each day passes by like a blur. I'm a young student, so I spend a considerable amount of time studying. But it's nearing the end of the school holidays and it dawns on me that my days are always the same. I have spent every single school break staying at home, wasting time watching movies or reading. I have friends at school, but going to a private, all girls school, all of us have strict parents so none of them are ever available or allowed to hang out. I have trouble sleeping because I haven't used up any energy throughout the day, so I always sleep late and wake up feeling terrible. I look terrible too. My parents don't take me out anywhere and they don't even acknowledge my boredom or depression. I spend too much of my time self-loathing or crying and I'm just so sick of it all. My life is never exhilarating or exciting, and I do the same boring, mundane things over and over again. I'm a teenager and I want to have fun, but I just have nothing to do and nobody to talk to. I feel like the loneliness has completely overcome me.

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Hi Min,

I’m sorry to hear you are struggling with boredom and loneliness. I recall a similar experience in high school, although I was allowed to go out, I just didn’t feel like I connected with the people in my year so I found myself alone and frustrated more often than not. Thankfully, that all changed at uni and I was opened up to a world of boys, parties, and a bit more freedom/independence. I still think back on it as the best time of my life. And I’m sure that you will likely have a similar situation once you get there. But that doesn’t help you now. I think that you need to broaden your social circle as your current friends can’t come out or do anything. Perhaps you could start involving yourself in some after school activities as a way of meeting new people? Alternatively, perhaps you can sign up for classes outside of school? You could learn a language? Your parents reasonably can’t say no to you bettering yourself and you might meet people who are able to go out socially etc? You didn’t mention, but what year are you in?

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Valued Contributor

Hi Min,

I agree with Juliet (great post and well worded by the way), try get yourself involved in some activities, take up a sport (something like a self-defense is good), get involved with a few short courses, see if your family want to go out and go on holidays is another option (camping for example).

Thats my thoughts


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Hi Min!

i also experienced the similar situation when I was a teenage.

May I suggest you talk to your parents about your situation? Maybe they can get you involved with more out of school activities and also help you to achieve whatever aspirations you might have at your age?

If my teenage daughter comes to me for advise and tell me anything about her life I would feel overjoyed.