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I am just at the start of divorce

Community Member
Hi all I am just at the start of my divorce and my ex said we would tell our daughter together sit her down and explain everything to her but he backed out and I ended up having to explain to her that her father put in for a divorce she isn't coping well any advice would be greatly appreciated i have her in counselling but anything else I would be willing to try and help her through this hard time I try not to show my emotions in front of my friends and family and my daughter as I feel like I am weak if I do this
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Baby girl 2010,

I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this. From reading your post you have shown so much inner strength to have to explain to your daughter alone about the divorce. I think that's a great step that your daughter is in counselling.

I think that it's important to have open dialogue and check in to see how your daughter is feeling. From my experience, it can be difficult at times for children to express how they feel. Doing nice things together and spending quality time might be an idea as well. Is there something that you and your daughter enjoy doing together?

Here for you!