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Husband served me Divorce Papers. Do I have Hope? Or is it Denial?

Elizabeth Louise
Community Member

Hi All,

My husband asked for a separation again in Aug 22. We had some cracks in our marriage, but i thought things were going OK after i was focusing on my behaviour. But i dropped the ball after some additional stressors which I shouldn't have taken on. It was too late.

He pushed to sell our home and threatened to take me to court if I didn't comply. We sold in November. The packing, moving to a rental was extremely stressful. We share the kids 50/50.

After going on a holiday with the kids for a week I was feeling more like myself again.

But recently my husband served me with Divorce Papers (2 mths post separation). He is claiming that we were already separated under the one roof for 12 mths which I don't agree with.

I cant even use the term "ex" yet. I still call him my husband. 

Just when I thought I could focus on moving on and letting him go, I'm back to having hope again. I'm thinking If i could prove we were not separated under one roof (which i can), I'm hoping that if I delay the Divorce process, who knows what could happen. Maybe with time and space we might still have a chance to reconcile. There is still Love there and I would love to keep my family together. I hate only seeing my children half their lives. They are still so young.

I just think if I could just get him back to marriage counselling just one more time, then maybe we could actually work things out. I know him better now more than ever. I feel like I finally understand him after everything that's happened over the last few years. I know what I did wrong and I was working on change. But change isn't linear. It takes time and patience. Should I just try talking to him one more time? Or give it time and then have that discussion when he is more open to hear me?

I will be getting legal advice and hopefully I can delay the Divorce process.

I would love to hear some success stories of marriage reconciliation after a period of separation! Especially when your spouse has given up hope.


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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello Elizabeth Louise, it's always very sad when a marriage comes to this stage, but even if you don't sign the papers the divorce can still go through, with or without your consent, I'm sorry to say.

You can plead with him to hold off from submitting the papers to the court or to his lawyer and say that your marriage does not need to end, but this all depends on what he wants to do.

I didn't want to sign our divorce papers but it still could have happened if I didn't sign, but now we talk almost everyday and hope this can eventually happen with you.

I am deeply sorry.


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