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Hullo, trying to know who I am and to feel better

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Hi Everyone,

I'm feeling like a fraud for being on here. So many brave people facing real difficulties and I feel like maybe I need to just suck it up because there are no traumatic events in my past. But I've been feeling like life trundles along alternating between really crap and ok, there's never any feeling of happiness or excitement. So I went to the doc (my anxiety through the roof, asking for help isn't my forte), he was really understanding and referred me to a psycologist but she didn't read his notes. She referred me back to GP for blood test. Again GP didn't access the notes. Got the blood test and thought I could call for the results but they didn't call back yesterday and today say I need to go in. They all asked me was there domestic violence. There isn't but I feel anxious they won't believe me or it'll be frowned on that I'm asking for help when I should get on with things myself. I asked for a referral to help me with my child too, again was asked was there domestic violence. (It would really affect my work if it was thought there was) I'm feeling myself slipping back in to the mode of acceptance and trundle along and don't expect anything better and avoid the anguish and anxiety of telling people how I feel. It's all starting to feel like it's too hard to ask for help.

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Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello Gracie,

Don't feel like a fraud for posting. No matter how bad your problem is, we will always try to help. Welcome to the family!

Asking for help is hard. It took me a couple of months to finally reach out to people, and another few months to actually see someone face to face.

I have anxiety and am depressed frequently (but i am undiagnosed), and it really sucks. I understand what you are going through. You are not alone!

If you are too scared to see people face-to-face, like a psych, then you should continue to post here; that way you can build your confidence until you feel ready to approach a GP (maybe see a different one this time?) or a psych or a school/uni counsellor (sorry I don't know your age).

Don't give up. Treat yourself- do you like going to the movies, or going shopping? Do what makes you happy and keep posting if you need help (not urgent though) or if you feel like a chat. There are also the BB social forums where we talk about stuff 🙂

Chloe x

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Champion Alumni

Hi Gracie Lee,

Welcome to the community here. I see that Chloe has responded to you with a very warm welcome and also some great suggestions.

It may be an advantage to have another chat to the same Dr to work out what is going on, or like Chloe mentioned to see a different Doctor.

You could also use the phone help line here at Beyondblue on 1300 22 4636 and ask for some advice.

Hopefully you will receive the blood test results soon and be able to get the help you are requiring.

All the best from Dools