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How to talk about being depressed and anxious with your partner.

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Hi everyone,

I would like some helpful opinions on how to talk to my partner when I'm depressed/anxious.
It usually ends up with us in bed at the end of a day and he will be all sweet and lovely to me, though I'm feeling depressed and over everything after a depressive swing. After he asks what's wrong I'll tell him that I'm just not sure about all of anything, that I'm so over everything as usual and just want to disappear. He will reassure me and comfort me, though how can I prevent myself from getting into this same situation over and over again? Do other people have tricks or habits on that help pull them out of depression before it really gets to them? I just worry about affecting my relationship if he has to keep putting up with me sometimes being depressed.


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Hi SometimesSadShell,

Speaking about depression and getting the point across to our loved ones is very difficult at the best of times, good thing for you is that your partner is very supportive of you and that is very important for someone who is dealing with any mental health issues.

Preventing depression or any mental health condition is hard, I think learning to live with it and not allowing it to take over is the key, my question to you is have you ever spoken to a GP about how you are feeling or even a psychologist? That is generally the first step when you want to try and harness in the depression and stop letting it run your life. These forums are great as you will find and very supportive, most if not all of us have dealt with a mental health issue so we can relate to how you are feeling.

Tips and tricks are always tough as they don't always work for everyone, my psychologist gave me tips for getting to sleep when my anxiety is running high at night. I also use music and company of friends to keep my mind a little clear. They all differ from people to people of course which is why I suggest speaking to a professional whilst also using these forums.

Please remember you can always call the Beyond Blue helpline on 1300 22 4636 24/7 to discuss anything you are feeling, they are trained professionals.

Please, feel free to write back as much as you wish, we are always happy to talk.

My best for you,


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hello SometimesSadShell, it's very upsetting when you try and tell your husband how you are feeling so what I would do is ask him what he does when something awful happens to him at work/uni and then tell him that there are many triggers that will make you feel this way, then again ask him what triggers he has, this may then make him associate with your problems.
As Jay has said tricks and tips don't work for everyone or they could be different, but I can see that you've used the word 'habits' and this can be related to anxiety which may then cause another illness that you maybe forced to do on a regular basis.
I maybe wrong here, but if you do have this then you will know what I'm talking about. Geoff.