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How do I drop this "friend"?

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I'm a 26 year old online content creator with a modest following. I became friends with another content creator with a slightly larger following. We met through a Facebook group for creators, and she was an admin. This was around August 2019. Fast forward to the end of 2019 - The group goes downhill fast. Her fellow admins have the claws out for me and many other members. I leave the group and don't return. She's upset I left. I warned her they'd do the same to her. A couple of months after that, they do the same to her and she gets kicked out of her own group around February 2020.

It's now mid June, and she still doesn't shut up about them and how they've sabotaged her YouTube channel with dislikes. This woman is 39, btw. I feel like she's clinging onto me because I understand her situation. I'm so sick of hearing about it.

I've tried ending the friendship to no avail, telling her I wont be online for a while, delaying the time between messages by a day, sometimes even days and even telling her directly that I don't want to be friends and I find her constant whining messages annoying. She always finds a way to weasel her way back in and she's always the one who always initiates conversation.

I guess the question is: How do I get rid of her? I could just block her, but I don't want her telling people about my secret Instagram account. That's my main concern if I break this friendship off. Should I delete this IG account and just make a new one without her?

Thanks for reading.
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hi PurpleRed,

Sounds like a difficult situation. Some people just aren't worth our time or effort.

I think if you have told her upfront you don't want to be friends, then you just need to follow through with that and don't respond to her texts or calls. If blocking her number helps then do that.

I don't use instagram, but I understand that if your account is private then others can't see your profile unless you approve them. But if you felt safer deleting that account and creating a new one, then do that.

Kind thoughts, Jess

Thanks Jess. My account is already set to private, but unfortunately she follows me and I follow her, so it is the same as if it was private from her and there's no way of me removing her without her knowing. She's overseas, so no calls or texts thankfully, just Instagram messages. I think a new account is the only logical step.