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Helping a teen

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I have an older teen struggling to find a place in the world, unable to go to school due to not finding it educationally fulfilling, and not knowing where to turn to about finding suitable part time work.

are there any suggestions of who to talk to and how to offer her a path of assistance. ?


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Champion Alumni
hello Joker, perhaps they could seek out an apprenticeship in a trade they have been interested in or alternatively go to a job agency where any type of trade maybe looking to employ an apprentice, I'm sure there could be plenty of positions.
They seem as though they want a challenge in life, so suggest this to him/her. Geoff.

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Hi there J1

It can be a tough time for teens (in any era), but for the ones now, they have so many other distractions and things to dominate their minds; this social media thing is one that is massive nowadays.

I’m sure there’s many sites out there that offer help, but one that I’ve found for teenagers is if you google ‘kidshealth.org’, that comes up with a place called: “TeensHealth”.

Also, maybe some friends of yours “may” have children in around the same age bracket and you could possibly see how they’re going and what options they might have found worked for them?

Hope this helped out a little.