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Help Me, Help My Mum.

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Im in desperate need of help.

Im a 20 year old who studies at uni part-time and works full-time, my mother lives 3 hours away so i barely have time to visit her. she is currently looking after her 10 year old daughter but is struggling as she has just gotten out of a serious relationship. She has struggled for many years and has relied on men for her happiness. She was working a stable job and was healthy for a while after they broke up but not she is drinking LARGE amounts of alcohol, to the point that all she does is drink and sleep, she has lost a lot of weight because of it. I have tried to convince her to get help however, she has always denied that she needs help. She has been admitted to mental health wards multiple times in the past yet she manages to find her way out with lies. I'm really worried about her because it has come to the point where my 10 year old sister has run away to her dads at 10pm on a school night because of how she acts when she is drunk. She has crashed the car many times and has been drink driving her whole life, i really want to get her help before its too late but anything I say or do wont convince her.

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome to the forum, Kay -la

You are such a caring daughter you are to your mum.

When a person feel they don’t need help and they do not a drinking a drinking problem.

Alanon has support and you could check their website .

I was in a relationship with someone who had a drinking problem that he denied.

If you can get support for yourself it may help you understand your mum.

Thanks for reaching out.
please write here as much as you want.