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heartbroken and lonely

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Hi..so im not sure how to start...all i can say is im struggling really bad with anxiety and depression..in the last 5 wks alot of my life fell apart..the man i was totally inlove with and with for 6yrs left me for another woman and moved straight in with her 😢😢 had been 'cheating for i dont know how long' how do i get through this help pls. There is so much more to it all but i dont know if i put it all in 1 post or if i just gradually let it all out as im talking to people...i have put doing this off coz i though i was coping but im not..i also have 2 beautiful little girls involved in all this 😕 my heart actually really feels like its breaking..my brain doesnt hardly atop thinking about him and her..and im so lonely its unreal

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Am at the end of a situation very similar to yours.... as a single dad of two little monkies.. so i totally undertstand.... THIS IS HARD right now...

Some days will be worse than others but if you can have hope things will get better with time... as silly as that sounds.. open up when you feel comfortable and dont be afraid to just talk to people about anything as isolating yourself generally doesnt help..

Try to be the best you can for your little ones and remember its ok to break down and not be ok.... getting back up is what you need to focus on...

keep replying and sharing

and take care...

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Firstly, welcome to the forums. You definitely don't need to pour everything out in your first post but i do encourage you to maybe start talking a little more in time, it can be nice to get your story out there... I only just started opening up my full story about my anxiety in another post and it is helping.

This is a terrible situation you and your little ones are in and I am sorry you are going through it. Break ups, cheating, realtionships and love in general, it is such a strain on our hearts and i understand what you mean when you say you can feel it literally breaking inside you. Like Blade said above, it is ok to be angry and break down but you have to get back up, you have to for your little ones, they need you more than ever. You might feel weak but believe me, you are strong, posting here takes alot of effort and strength, so please don't think you don't have the strength to get through this.

Are you around your family and friends who could be also helping you deal with all of this?

My best for you, please continue to post back whenever you feel.


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Champion Alumni
hello, relationship break ups always hurt one person whether it's justified or not, but when he was cheating on you for how long is unclear, but I would expect that it could have been for awhile, however you won't know and probably don't want to know, but it leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth and having to look after your two beautiful girls by yourself, which isn't at all fair.
His new relationship won't last as he wll continue to go on and find another new lady when he becomes sick and tired of this present one, or whether she wants to make it a long term relationship, but he will end up being the one who will lose in the end.
At the moment you feel anger, disappointment and keep asking yourself why he has done this, and hopefully as your comment continues on we maybe able to help you even further.
My ex moved straight in to live with a guy 16 years older than her, that cut me up and yes I still feel annoyed about her betrayal because he has everything that she always hated in me, but our divorce was for reasons which she had decided were no longer any good for our marriage.
You will have this anger and betrayal with you, but you wouldn't want to be together if he was cheating on you behind your back, that's being deceitful and totally dishonest to you.
We hope that you can get back to us. Geoff. x