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Heartbroken and anxious

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 This is my first post on here, just wanted to reach out as I'm not coping very well with the recent end of a long term relationship. It's been 7 weeks since it ended and I'm finding myself suffering anxiety which has effected my sleep as well. Still feeling the pain of the loss and it was done over the phone, as he lives in another country it's likely our paths will ever cross again. He ended it 3 days before I was meant to join him overseas, I had already spent two months there and he bought us a beautiful home to start our life together. I had some things there already which he has promptly returned. Trying to deal with the loss of dreams which included starting a family and trying to get over the feeling of being kicked out of our home. Lonely and anxious. Help.

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 You deserve better, no really. Take care of yourself, force yourself to go for a walk every day. Hang with family and friends. Don't contact him, you will only come across as needy and push him away more. Read these forums, it helps to know you are not alone in your pain. Big hug.

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Thanks StefT,

I have come to the conclusion he is not worth it too which makes me feel stupid for ever falling for him. Gave up a career, moved away from family and friends to support his choices. I saw red flags for the last 12 months with his  hot and cold behavior but he was very poetic and the king of grand gestures. I've learned what real love is and realise I didn't share that with this guy. I have a wonderful family who have been incredibly supportive, my mum sleeps with me every night and rubs my back and comforts me so I can get some sleep, and gives me lots of cuddles so I feel loved and safe. I will eventually sleep alone again but it's been the biggest blessing having her unconditional love.