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Handling a break up

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thought I'd give this a go.

i have been in a relationship with my partner for 9 years.

we both had children through previous marriages and 9 months ago bought a house to accomodate out for children.

i have shared care of my two children who live with their mother in another blended family.

lots of arguments and I recently moved out.

i am in so much pain, I am hardly eating, feel lonely and doubt my choice to move out.

my closest confidant, my brother is 100% certain this is the right move for me but why is it so hard?

im 46 and thought life would be so much easier at this stage yet the pain is immense

how can I cope through this?

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Champion Alumni

Hi PeteL,

It sounds to me like you the two of you might get on better if you do live separately.

As to if she is taking advantage of you or not, only you will be able to work that one out. Guess it might depend if you are happy to be intimate with her but not have the whole package so to speak.

Chatting to the counsellor again may be beneficial.

It is wonderful you were able to have a holiday with your sons.

I agree with you, it is very difficult to let go of people who have been in your life in an intimate or in a close manner.

It is not always easy to make new friends or to meet a person whom you hope to spend a lot of time with. Sometimes the past can look a lot better than it ever actually was when you have no one special in your life.