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Guy looks at girls dating profile while spending time with me

Community Member

I met up with an old uni friend from two years ago, today. 

he would cuddle me constantly and sit near me at university. 

And today when I met him he was more interested in looking at his phone.. for someone to date his the dating app. 

He wasn’t keeping the conversation going and I feel like crap. I feel so upset and disappointed because I thought we had something, AGES ago. And he wants someone now. 
although, he can’t find anyone. 

he doesn’t want someone who lives 30 minutes away. And he says it’s a RED FLAG if his potential partner isn’t on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. 

today’s meet up was horrible. 

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Community Member

I am just so disappointed that someone who I cared about just deleted me off their friends list after I told him how uncomfortable he made me feel... 

The looking for another woman on a dating app, in front of me, really truly hurt my feelings. I am just lonely and I want that non sexual companionship. I wish it worked out better.