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grief is mind bending

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after years of caring for family and yesterday mum died I was there at the time so now there is just me and autistic daughter left I cant stand it the grief n ..................thought I had friends ....... I don't. neighbourhood isn't friendly very clicky young childen /teenagers mine is an autistic 34 yo going no where.dont know what to do the pain is incredible to say the least the grief is making me feel sick , the fear of the future where do I go where do we live how do we live its such a hateful town /world cant get help to bury her cos she is the war widow of my dad who is already dead and only the spouse can claim bereavement benefit he was a british veteran , cant claim it there either I cant stand it any more
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Hi Carer1,

Deepest sympathy for the death of your Mum. Sorry for the grief and confusion you are feeling.

I'm not sure how to help and advise you, just wanted to let you know that someone here cares.

Maybe you could call the Beyondblue helpline and they may be able to help you with some of what you are dealing with. Call 1300 22 4636.

I'm not sure if your Dr may be able to offer you help and suggestions regarding your daughter. There may be some care packages or something you can receive. I don't really know. There must be some help yo can tap into.

The loss of a loved one can be very hard to deal with. Grief has different stages. I hope someone is able to help you sort out some of your troubles!

From Dools

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I reported the change to Centrelink so I expected to lose 100.00 per fortnight , now I'm getting screwed by them don't qualify for bereavement help they are stuffing around with my payments and my disabled daughters and I will have to pay it back if its not right. I cant take any more . I'm so alone. beyond blue chat is no help