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grief and depression

Community Member

Hi all 

just need some help I have being battling depression for the past 20 years 

and recently i just lost my best friend my mum after a 2 week battle with Multilobar Pneumonia.


Can anyone recommend any types of counselling as I have my first born grandson born in july and I want to be in his life but i need to get help first


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Community Member

Hi Drew76-,


It is great that you are reaching out here. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. A great resource for those recently affected by the lost of a love one is griefline.org.au. They offer support and counselling for anyone affected by grief.


There is no specific type of counselling when it comes to depression. The best option is to approach your GP for a referral to a psychologist. The psychologist will then work with you individually. 


Hope this helps a bit.