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Going through a break up

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I got really depressed last year due to family problems. My boyfriend (who is now my ex-boyfriend) has been always there for me. He made me feel better everytime I feel really down. He isnt the perfect boyfriend but he makes me happy. My family dislikes him because of what he had done on my 21st bday. He was supposed to be there as he promised but he ended up getting drunk w his friends and couldnt go to my dinner party. We sorted out the problem though and we continued our relationship.

Two weeks ago, I started my internship to a different town and he had to go for a training in Brissy. He's the kind of person who isnt good w communicating like texts or calls, but he treats me right if we're together. I wanted to talk to him but he said his busy. We ended up not talking for a week. I tried to keep in touch w him but I am pissed off that he ignores my messages and leaves me on seen. Last Tuesday I found out that he talks to his friends but he keeps on ignoring me. So i broke up w him which Im regretting now. However my friends and my cousin think I did the right thing as they believe that eventho he's busy he would find the time to keep in touch w me cos we're partners.

I've been really down since we stopped talking. I am a very emotional person and I sometimes say things that arent right out of emotion. I must have hurt him thats why he chose to ignore my messages.

Last night we had a talk on messenger. It breaks my heart cos it is really the end of our relationship. I cry everytime Im alone. I miss him. And it's so hard cos he's the only person who can help me get through my breakdowns now he's gone. 😞

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Champion Alumni

Hello Jiggly, I'm so sorry that your post has not been replied to, especially after reading your comment and realising that a reply hasn't been sent to you, my utmost apologies.

It is so difficult when you want to talk with someone when you know they are there but they don't reply or ring you back, especially when it's someone you love.

It would not be to say that you've hurt him, from what you have told us he got drunk on your birthday and seems to do what he wants to do.


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hi Jiggly, I'm sorry about not ending your reply the C was meant to ask you if you would like to tell me what internship you are doing.

I'll reply again, I'm very sorry about not having a reply.


Community Champion
Community Champion

Welcome JigglyPuff, to the forum.

This is a place full of caring, friend,y and supportive people.

Break -ups are very difficult any age . I can understand how upset you are over the break up when your now ex boyfriend had always been there for you and had been suppsrtive.

He did let you down for your 21st and did work through that.

when a partner is away one depends on communication by phone text or email etc so when he manages to talk to others but not you, I can see how that would disappoint you.

It will hurt being alone . you made the decision and you had your reasons.

i don’t think you hurt your ex boy friend

How does he feel about the breakup?

Thanks for writing your post.

feel free to,post here when you want to,


Thank u for the reply. I am doing my nursing placement for three weeks.

yeah, all of my friends and my cousin who is really close to me think that he doesnt really care about me like I care about him. It feels like that but I cant really say. He's been really supportive and patient w me. I get really emotional and say something terrible.

It feels like he doesnt really care about the break up. I have said some things I have regretted when he was ignoring me. He was away from home and tired from work and I was not really being considerate and understanding to him. I feel like I have been unfair to him but also I believe that he could have explained himself instead of ignoring me.

I dont really know what he feels about the break up. We have not seen each other for 3 weeks now. It's been a week since we broke up.

I tried to talk to him last time through chat and asked him if we can get back together but he said this is the best for the both of us πŸ˜•

Hello Jiggly, it's a difficult time for you, but you seem to be a lovely, caring person who only wants someone in return to show you affection, warmth, contact and communication and if this isn't happening, then there would be someone out there waiting for you.

You have to look after yourself.