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Girlfriend left me for my friend

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We started our relationship this time l
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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear NN~

I'm not going to call you nothing or nobody, that might be what you felt when you chose that name, but it is untrue and a bad fit.

Having a special someone, in you case a girlfriend, is a wonderful thing, not least becuse we feel part of a pair, that the other person wants to be wiht us and make out life as good as possibe.

As a result it is devastating when it comes to an end, and sadly that is what happens. When it does of course there is not only grief and loneliness, but also a feeling maybe one was not good enough, wrong in some way.

Actually that's not normally true and I'd be surprised if it was so in your case. The most likely explanation is your ex is still learning about herself. She is attracted to a certain type, which is why she went went with you , and probably finds similar in your friend.

How do oyu feel about you friend? Cross? Betrayed? Or glad he has someone even though it seems at your expense? Of course if you ex is still finding herself he may be dumped next.

Awkward too I guess, if you see each other regularly.

No help to you of course except to realize that to have attracted someone in the first place you must have qualities that people like and wish to be with. If it can happen once it will certainly happen again.

A first love holds a special place in the heart - I still remember mine so many years later. I also remember the heartache when it did not work out.

Time to build up your life again - yes difficult. Can I suggest you do all the things you might normally do, from sport to movies? Try not to neglect your social life and see what happens.

Please let us know how you go


Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni

Hello and welcome.

I can only go on the title you have said to us 'Girlfriend left me for my friend', and this is very difficult to accept when it happens, because it must have been happening in the build up before it actually did occur.

Now you have lost two friends and I worry about how you are feeling and hope that you can get back to us.