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Gday everyone.

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Married (10 years) 4 kids.......

Wife has cheated before. (i never have) Never got over it. 7 years later still kills me inside.
Think wife is cheating on me again.
Signs signs signs everywhere or maybe its all in my head? At this point i no longer actually know.
Not many mates or family.... Just the family i built so find myself looking online! Thats just how shit my life has got. (No offence, i understand the online community can help but i just feel so low.)

Dunno.. looking for support or just a place to vent. Feel like a coward and weak posting this.


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Very sorry to hear that op.

Just wondering is it your house or are you just renting.? lf it is yours or joint you don't have to leave if you don't want to , especially if your paying the mortgage. She can't make you leave your own house.Set up another room and live in that until you figure out what you want, that;s what l did. No way known l was leaving my own house.


Andrew..... Popping in to say hi. I do not know where to start. I have watched situations like these half a dozen times or more as a supportive friend to others enduring these things. I have been the "victim" also. I have also supported my partner through his long and drawn out situation. LONG stories all of them. Won't bore you.

As random says, if you both own the home you do not have to go anywhere. Move rooms. Seek legal advice. The family law system has its pros and cons, however you have rights as well. Be wary of contractual agreements with banks or land lords... depending on situation.

My heart goes out to you. You are allowed to be hurt. And sad. Don't let the anger affect relationships with children / parents.

My heart goes out to all reading this who has experienced or experiencing these things.


If your thrown out over something so trivial to me it seems she has had it planned . Maybe you were right with her having an affair. Sometimes people are too coward to tell you they aren't interested anymore and let you stay in their lives until its convenient for them to be rid of you, they just waste your time of moving on and your mental health when all along you had suspicions that they were up to something.

And random is right, you shouldn't be kicked from you own home.

i hope you find peace.

I hope you find peace and

Agree 100% lost girl. Lets face it, it is convenient. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$