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Friendship Mass Exodus

Community Member

This is my life right now. Relationships falling apart everywhere. There's some saying that, when times are tough your true friends are revealed. Well.. Clearly I have none.

My closest friend since school, is constantly harassing me or saying horrible things about my situation.

Another friend is accusing me of been mean and that I owe her an apology for something that I've done nothing wrong. Again this is another 15+ friendship. She also likes trivialising all my problems. I should get over it.

My corporate group of friends are all dwindling off because I no longer work. So I'm too lowly for them. I also don't have the disposable income to keep up with their social activities.

I have a psychologist accuse me of been OCD when I'm not, & ended up having my psychiatrist assess me to make sure. Even he thought the whole thing was bizzare. She didn't take too kindly to that & I don't feel comfortable seeing her now.

My GP of years that I trusted so much and admired really, I think is trying to remove my mother from my life so she can step in..

I have no friends lol The first time in my entire life to say this, but I really don't.

It's depressing to me. Should I try to salvage any of these relationship or start over?

Has anyone else lost all their friends during difficult times?

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Hi Possum,

You hit the nail on the head saying friends seem to disappear just when you need them most.My mother used to say friends were a matter of convenience.I am not sure if I agree with that.I am very disappointed in the behaviour of my so called friends .But as you also said they were obviously not good friends.I also feel like you totally used years of dinners ,outings etc.I am still very fragile and feel very unconfident.

Hi 9names,regarding your comments,I have done a lot of reflection lately especially self analysis.I just wondering whether it is me .I seem to scare people away too intense even been labelled toxic, maybe it is my mental health.I have had the same major fights saying what I thought and paying a huge price with family work .I never applied discretion is the better of valour.but to be honest I dont think I can change.Consequently I try to keep my own counsel.But lifes tough it just seems to be matter of endurance.I wish I could be more positive

Hopefully the turds float away Possum,you sound very positive ,I need some of that. CA

Hi all,

Here again overthinking everything .I am still surprised at how quickly you life can change.I was reminscencing about travelling o/s as a backpacker all the people I met ,how adventurous I used to be.

Then I think about now and how pathetic my life has become.I know self pity is the ugliest emotion,but its hard to change

I am also in the blame game role right now blaming my ex my ex work colleagues etc .Whether I like it or not I must responsible for a great deal of my predicament.My mother used to say Your are very passionate dont know it that a compliment/criticism?

I need to meet people who bring out the best in me not my negative side.But at this moment I cant start afire without a spark.Its just groundhog day for me the 2years CA

And lets face it... us bipolar folk can be rather observant, blunt and too honest. People don't like that. They don't like hearing a different point of view besides their own photo shopped reality.


Hi velvetfaerie,

I concur I suffer from foot and mouth been accused of all of the above and arrogant as well.You pay a very high price for your honesty.I often think if only I could hold my tongue.Good luck with that CA

Hey CA!

Warm welcome by the way. 🙂

LOL @ foot and mouth disease. Story of my life !

I have, however, learnt to articulate myself in more helpful ways, not destructive ways. I have words and I will use them properly until pushed beyond the point of caring.

I am close to that point with some friends at the moment. However I might just sit on it. Just be. Whatever. It's cool.

So cool that tomorrow is Friday ! YAY !


Hi velvetfaerie,

Thankyou for the welcome.

It is interesting our personalities get us in such strife.

The problem arises though you start thinking who you can trust especially when you are in a vulnerable state ,which seems to be most of the time for me recently

I do tend to notice you can attract gloaters and bullies when in a weak state or is it just me CA

Well Possum you have made my day. I have laughed this morning when I read your post,laughed in the shower,car,dentist waiting room,woollies,and just now.

Thanks so much,I will now call you normal cause the other 95% of humans aren't 🤗

You are now officially my friend.👏🏻

My granddad use to call me a turd.

Oh and you have now given me an awesome word that I can post.😡

Hope you have had an amazing day.


Do you know Mr Hanky?

BAHHAHAHHAH Mr Hankey....................

All sing now - *Mr Hankey the Christmas poo................

When it comes to friends and assorted other relationships in life, I really do hate people who talk it up, suggest things and make promises but never deliver. I am not sure if I should feel cranky at these behaviours but it eats away at the core of relationships/friendships.

I don't like people who talk bull. Yes I am a Taurus too HAHAHA.