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Friendship makes me lonely

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 I get lonely constantly then when i am with other people i just get more lonely. I have real trouble feeling close to anyone this has been a common theme for most of my life. Sometimes I believe there is no cure for loneliness. I stay home and feel alone or hang out with ppl and feel more alone there's no winning.

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dear Gnull, sorry it's been so long until you have received any reply.

I am just wondering whether or not you are trying to judge yourself or compare what you have done in life to what the people are saying or what they have achieved in their life, and if this is what happens then you have a low self-esteem.

Sure we always compare what Jo-Blow has done, or what car he/she is driving, or where they are living, this only natural, but their circumstances could be totally different to what has happened to you, or perhaps they may have inherited a great deal of money, that's their luck, and we can't do anything about it, but sure we feel inadequate and then causes us to feel lonely.

We can only judge what what we have done and what we have achieved.

Not sure I am on the right track here, so I hope you can reply. Geoff.

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I don't think it's from comparing what others have achieved to me I do that sometimes, it's just I can't feel close to anyone. It's something I've never been able to do.

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Hi Gnull 🙂

Perhaps the reason you have such trouble becoming close with people and friends is because you haven't met someone who really fits you, who is really an amazing friend.

I find that it is often pretty hard to find a true friend (best friend).

For example; allot of my early life I struggled to find anyone who I could relate to, or anyone who I became truly close to. For example, during high school I knew allot of people, but most of them where just pow's, people I talked to for entertainment and hung out with in class because I had nothing else to do. But their where only a few people I could really call a true friend; someone that I could relate to, someone that understood and shared my sense of humour, someone who I really enjoyed hanging out with.

Perhaps you're yet to find a true best friend, someone who fit's you like a glove? Someone who you could just talk to for hours?

There are always people that want to hear what you have to say, and support you when you need it. Never feel alone :))