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Friends and family are making me angry

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Let's start off with my mum. Mum is stuck in a wheelchair awaiting 2 hips and 2 knee replacements. I work and make her lunch while my partner of 7 years takes care of her full time. My mum doesn't know I'm depressed. Why because she hasn't been supportive in the past. Now there is my sister off living her life, never calls, hardly comes around because of work. She has helped with money but that's all. Im having resentment towards my sister.

Now my friend. My best friend of 10 years I want her to stop- she tells our other friends how I am. If I wanted them to know I would tell them. Shes like I've told this person. Every appointment I go to she wants to know details. And if my partner doesn't ask me she turns around 'I'll be questioning your relationship' from that I have lost respect for her. And I dont know how to confront her about it. She wants me to go over seas on a holiday and shes like you should go. I made excuses really the reason why I dont want to go is because I'm going to be an crazy if i go while my boyfriend is stuck. And she is making me feel bad for it.

The resentment feeling towards my sister, and my the anger and lost of respect I have for towards my friend.

What do I do? I want to ask my sister to take care of mum for the day. But I'll feel selfish for asking. I want to tell my friend to back off, stop caring to much but I'll be worried that will hurt her

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