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Hello everyone,

I just wanted to get some insight and advice on how I can forgive myself for sharing some information about another person to another person/people as I was feeling frustrated and was venting my feelings, and/or sometimes was looking for advice from other people. I know that in hindsight, I should have thought about the consequences of my actions and thought about how I would feel if someone inherently gossiped about me but yeah. I obviously have learned my lesson now and won't share what is mostly emotionally sensitive information to others in angst or while venting but yeah, I don't know, does anybody have any ideas of how I can just forgive myself and move on?


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Community Champion

Dear Gabby

I had to think for while before replying. I too have taken actions I regret - I suppose everyone has at one time or another. Those actions affected me: self-judgment,regret,remorse. They also affected the persons I did not consider or acted against - they were to a lesser or greater extent harmed.

A conscience is a behavior modifier, and thank goodness most people,have one. It makes one hurt when one does a hurt.

Making things up to the people that one harms is sometimes possible, even if it means they no longer hold you in the same esteem or affection. The opportunity to do this is not always there - it's a treasure if it is.

Apart from that not doing the same thing again, accepting one's frailties and time. Hard but doable.

I'm still living with some of my mistakes, they can even now, after many years loom large. Yours you talk about here are smaller and will go in time. You have seen what you did, why you did it, and can understand. You have learned and will not do the same again.That's all that's needed.


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Hi Gabby,

I too have been in a very similiar situation, and while I can't speak for everyone, I'm sure there are many other people that would agree with me that they too have made the same mistakes - but as you have shown, you recognise what you did was something not too great. The fact you are remorseful to the fact only highlights that you are already on the way to forgiving yourself, especially since you have said that you would not do it again. I would've suggested to not repeat it (even though as humans we are social creatures and it can be difficult to refrain from comments or 'gossip'). But I can see you are already taking the right steps, and I can only suggest that you be not too harsh on yourself. You have identified the fault, and are working to erradict that kind of behaviour. You should be proud of the fact you were able to pick this up, especially when some people go there whole lives without such remorse for gossip, blabbering, peoples information.

Goodluck Gabby!