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Forever hurting

Community Member
I’m looking for advice because I feel I’m stuck between a rock and hard place. Something that feels like I’m constantly in a world of pain. Since my partner and I began our relationship it turns out he has cheated with several women, several times. At the beginning when I found out I somehow accepted his apology even though he can’t ever actually admit to what he has done. Fast track to years later and I just can’t shake this forever painful feeling that seriously makes me feel so worthless. I struggle to be happy in our relationship and constantly pick fights that ultimately surround trust issues. I have broken it off before but then became severely depressed and just wanted him to be with me once again. I am just so lost as to what to do. I want to leave but can’t seem to handle the thought of it. Any advice is much appreciated xx
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Champion Alumni
Champion Alumni
Hello Windows, can we thank you so much for posting your come and we'd like to offer you a warm welcome.

The situation you're in must be devastating to try and understand why this could ever happen and for him to apologise has no meaning unless you feel as though you can trust him in the future, that's a belief you may need to consider and if this seems to be impossible or if there is any doubt then staying together maybe in question and you may have to make a decision.

I know it's difficult to move away but with help this can be achieved but if you're able to let us know the position you're in with regards to whether you're renting or purchasing a house.

I'm sorry to be asking this but the more we know will help us to be able to help you some more.

There are people out there who only want to spoil and love a person when trust can be built between the two of you.

Please get ack to us when you are able to.

My best wishes.


Community Champion
Community Champion


i am so sorry foryour situation.

when yiu are treated so unfairly it dies make you feel worthless but you are not responsible for partners actions.
I was with a partner who would flirt with other women I front of me and cheated on me a least a couple of times. I kept telling myself he would change.
he would deny it then say it was the drink and he didn’t remember.

It took me years and I eventually left and it was hard but I am glad I did.

only you can decide what is best for you.

You are not alone and there is support here.


white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

It's great two other have replied.

I'd like to point out that your standards for a monogamous relationship is a given, that it is expected in your mind and that is entirely normal. Your standards is what counts here for you, no one else.

We get this situation often. Some partners can live with their partner cheating on them other cannot.

You have left him on a previous occasion. I suggest that had you involved yourself with activities that distracted you, sports, hobbies, interests even dating, that you would find it more tolerable. I know what its like to be idle and think, think, think...then you miss the other facets of the relationship.

You are deserving of a trusting partner.

I hope I've helped. Repost anytime