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First post, very nervous and alone. Seeking to create a support base for myself.

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Hi, I have anxiety and a few months ago I struggled with depression and some pretty bad physical and mental issues. I have had issues for years and never sort help and a few months ago it all became too much and I even had to pull out of studying.

Now, I am so much better than I was. But I have little support. So this is the first time I have opened up and I am very nervous. I literally have no friends and no one to talk to. I still struggle with anxiety and I have just got a new job and I am worried about getting worse if I do not handle it well or have no support.

It feels really strange for me to write these things as I do not talk to anyone about, well, me.

I am really looking forward to being a part of the BeyondBlue community. It is lovely to find that there are so many caring, kind people out there.

Thank you for reading this.

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Hi Rose 3,

Welcome to BB.We can all offer you advice.You have reached out-go you,you have made the first step!

May I suggest a visit to your Gp. They can or organize low cost or free visits to a psychologist.

I too have anxiety,and have found it quite enabling to open up to someone who is there for you. They can offer many coping options in a non judgemental setting.

Look at what is positive in your life. Your employer thought you could deliver or they wouldn't have taken you on!

Please don't feel alone. Reach out-there is help. You just need to find the right options for you.

No one is ever truly alone. There are a lot of people on BB who are in similar circumstances. We are all here for you .

Don't know if I have helped,but I have open ears and heart if you just need to vent or need an anonymous 'friend'

All the best,

Ruby 2

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Champion Alumni

Hello Rose, and a warm welcome to you and thanks for coming to the site.

I'm sorry you are feeling lonely but there are plenty of friends to make you feel comfortable on this forum and that's what we hope we can do for you.

Stopping your studies has worked in your favour and I say this because you are starting to feel better, however, as Ruby says a visit to your doctor would be beneficial, but there are a couple of things that you could do before you go, click on 'The Facts above and do the K-10 test, do it a few times but not straight after the other, at different times and days, there is also an anxiety check list to look at.

You can ask your doctor about the mental health plan, this entitles you to Medicare rebates for up to 10 individual appointments per year.

It's great for you to be part of this forum.


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Hey Rose,

Welcome to the forums and thanks for sharing your situation with us. It is amazing that you have opened up to us and this is a great step in the right direction. What you have done takes extreme courage, bravery and resilience. It is so encouraging that you are making a concerted effort to improve so hats off to you!

Your studies must have been placing a lot of unwanted and unnecessary stress on your body and nothing is worth sacrificing our mental health for.

I believe it would be extremely beneficial for your to contact your GP, if your comfortable doing so, and putting in place a care plan. There are so many beneficial services available to you so this is something you may consider.

Once your overall well-being and quality of life is being effected by a mental health condition, professional intervention may be necessary. You deserve and have the right to live happy and live the life you wish to live.

We are your friends and will be here for you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

All the best,


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Thank you so much for your replies. Regarding a GP, I live in a very small town and the only GP available is someone I am really not comfortable with at all. There are also no phycologists anywhere close by. Does anyone know anything about online phycologists? Due to my isolation, online is the best method for me.

On a good note, my first day of work has gone great. I actually enjoyed myself, although I did feel a little panicked when the owner came by. But I am really happy with how it all went.

I get anxious around people a lot so it is good that I was okay dealing with people at work. I get so uncomfortable around men. Much more than women. I don't know why, I don't have anything against men but I am just so much more relaxed and feel safer around women.

It feels good to be able to say whatever I need to say without feeling weird or embarrassed on here.

Last night was the first night in years where I haven't gone to bed feeling lonely. So thank you so much for letting me know you are there.

Hope you all have a great day!

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Ive only just joined today for feeling the same way you do

In protecting myself from the world (thanks anxiety) ive isolated myself and its become very lonely.

Its incredibly hard to find the courage to open up about anxiety and even harder to get someone to understand.

I think your very brave 🙂

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Hey Rose,

It is absolutely understandable that you aren't comfortable seeing your GP in your small town. Online psychologists from my studies are great however you must do quite a bit of research before you proceed with booking and appointment. Please type in google "health direct etherapy" for some information that is extremely relevant to your situation.

Congratulations on having a great first day at work. Super positive start and lets hope it continues down that path! Many people feel safer and far more comfortable around the same sex so don't stress!

It is amazing that you feel free and comfortable to express yourself and not be subjected to being judged. This is what beyond blue is here for.

It is great to have met you and I hope to learn more about you and see you progress on your journey. I sense great positive change is occurring.

Have a great week and please keep us posted.

Your friend,


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Thanks for replying!

Dear Nick, thanks for your advice. It is definitely more difficult to get help in remote areas but I'll give your search suggestion a go and see what is out there. You have been so kind to me, I hope all is going well for you.

Dear Rosie Girl,

Thank you so much for calling me brave! It has taken me a long time to take this step and more than a few 'wake up calls'.

I am glad you have also found the courage to reach out for help/support. Locking yourself away from others is such an easy way to respond to anxiety, and it helps no one to be so withdrawn. BB has already helped me open up so much, I have said things I never would have dreamt of being able to say before. I hope you find the same comfort here as I have.

I mainly do not talk about my issues because in my family it seems to be a 'weakness', especially where mental health is concerned. But everyone here is so nonjudgmental. I have never known people to be so kind.

There is no shame for struggling with mental health.

PS:Knowing lots of people feel more comfortable with their own gender is such a relief.

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Hi again,

I am going to be starting a new thread in the Staying Well section of the forums so I will probably not be posting here again. I am through the worst of my problems and am definitely recovering. And I am still improving every day!

I worry sometimes before I post that what I am posting is silly or might seem weird but I have made a promise to myself to not be uncomfortable or embarrassed about any of my posts and to just say what I feel is right for me. After all, that is what these forums are for. Taking pressure off, not adding more on!

So I will be starting a new thread in the lighter area of the forums and I am going to be posting whatever I feel I need to. It could be anything from a poem, journal entry, forgiveness work, negativity releasing, venting, good memories or releasing bad memories or just a single sentence. I want to work my way to one day being able to post my biggest problem, which is something I have never told anyone because I am ashamed of it. And I refuse to feel weird or embarrassed by whatever I choose to post (or by feeling it was 'right' to explain all of this in the first place!). I choose to just be open and honest.

We are all worthy, amazing people and I truly wish the best to all of you for your recoveries and lives.

And a big Thank You to those who welcomed me to the site. You have helped me have courage and put a smile on my face!

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Champion Alumni

Hello Rose, I have to go but if you could google this, and I don't like giving out sites to google, however,

online psychologists in Australia

I'll get back to you.