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First ever breakup 18

Community Member

Hi, my boyfriend just broke after me over 2 years over text saying how I made him feel miserable for a long time and turned him tho a shell of a person and loving him isn’t enough anymore then told me not to call or message him. I had to quit my job because his mum was the manager and it’s just to hard working with him there. I really loved this guy and I’m really going to miss him. I feel like I have lost a warmth inside of me. I feel like I am unlovable and will be alone forever. Someone help.

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white knight
Community Champion
Community Champion

Hi, welcome


You are going through a stage of grief. Grief cant be rushed and never gets easier as you go through life but what we also know is that - it does get better over time.


I think it was brave to leave your job as it would have been too hard working there.


So, many of us here have had break ups and your low self esteem is hard to combat. It isnt reality that you feel unlovable, he is only one young man that feels the way he does, it isnt reality for other men. Indeed one day he might look back and realise he gave away one of the best loves of his life. 


So, you need to boost yourself - how?  Well, take some pride in the new YOU- makeup, a new outfit, hair done and got for it- meet new guys, date them, laugh, find new friends by joining a new group like sports group or hobbies. The sooner you do any of these things you'll recover sooner but dont expect any recovery for a few weeks or so but still force yourself into a new activity scene.


An idle mind drops tears, an active mind wipes them away... 

A rejected girl feeling unlovable doesnt see her beauty from an admiring guy...


What do you think?