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Fifo work effects

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So I have been a Fifo worker for the past 14 years but for the past two years i was stuck in an office close to home and now that i am away again i have become somewhat of a miserable grump drinking a bottle of wine a night and it is having a massive affect on my mind and the way i have been feeling about being away. One of the biggest reasons I started this kind of work again was for the money but it is doing a serious number on my head being away from my wife and family this time has been a hell of alot harder than it was 2.5 years ago and i am over it all but every time i mention coming home to the wifey she tells me that i have to stick it out so we can save for our own home finally.
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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Aaron and warm welcome to Beyond Blue

Things are sounding hard for you at the moment. Being away from home all the time is hard isn't it? Especially when you got used to being close to home.

So how can we help support you? Do you need information about how to manage your anxiety or your drinking while you are away? Or are you wanting support for how to talk to your wife about what you're going through?

Maybe it is simple as working out a timeline with your wife about how long you think you could keep up the FiFo job. Find something to keep you mind occupied during the evenings while out there and working on not drinking? Look for other work in town in the mean time?

Are any of these options doable? You don't have to answer - just if you want to. Also feel free to do a search of our website for similar discussions to yourself. This can be done by entering keywords (e.g. FiFo) in the search field at the top of the page. You're not alone.

Hope some of this helps Aaron.

Kind regards


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Hey Aaron,

I am a residential mining worker and work underground. I just wanted to say that no one understands what it is quite like to spend so much time away in difficult environments for such long periods in a day. If your mental health isn't the greatest, this has a massive toll and effect.

At the end of the day, money is important but it is not the be all and end all and there are other ways of saving for a deposit. We have joined my budget to get a handle on our finances and doing really well.

I just want you to consider this, if your partner is putting goals before your mental health then I think it is a problem that needs to be sorted otherwise you are going to feel trapped. My partner never communicated his feelings and has now decided to put us on hold when I wish he had put his foot down, expressed how he felt and do not be afraid to put your foot down to your partner and say, 'no. My mental health is more important and I am struggling'.

If your partner disagrees or uses it as an umtimatum, ask to see a counsellor to talk out the issue. If not, go yourself but do not give in as your partner will eventually realise the seriousness of your feelings and reevaluate.

What is the point if you are not happy and are stressed paying it off and having to stay in a job you dont like?