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Feel trapped and a bit lost

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Hi. I am new to the forum. I am not sure I am writing in the correct section.

I am in a loveless, sexless marriage and we basically live at different ends of the house and we are house mates.

About 6 years ago he went to hit me and things have gone down hill since then.

About a year and a half ago my gp put me on a low dose of antidepressants for antidepressants for anxiety but I was quite resistant and stressed and I think I had a reaction to them.

It was not a pleasant experience.

Things here are pretty terrible as he has a medical condition and he says things, forgets and then I will be a liar etc. If is very toxic.

I have thought about attempting but realistically I know that I would not be able to do it.

I just feel so trapped as I feel that there is no way out of the situation as if I leave him there is nowhere to go, how will I survive, there is nowhere to rent.

My only choice is to stay in the marriage.

Sorry about the rambling.



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Thank you Waterfront.

Today has been pretty awful but at least I get to go back to work tomorrow. I have basically cried all day and he has no empathy.

I just need to listen to my friends advice and NOT ENGAGE!!!

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I know it’s hard, but don’t feel super stressed about his current financial abuse. He can move money around or he likes, the court will appoint accountants to forensically trace everything he’s tried to hide. The court will protect your interests and award you more than 50% of everything, if you’re the major homemaker and if you make far less money than him and if you have less way of supporting yourself when you’re separated. Have faith. Antidepressants might be necessary to cope with a horrible marriage but unnecessary long term xx

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I went to my appointment with the lawyer and we had to do it by phone conference which I found a bit awkward.

I gave her as much information as I could and she supplied me with a figure of division of assets.

Basically he would get the house as he could afford to buy me out and custody of the dogs and I could arrange visitation rights. This is because he looks after them the most while I have been working.

Yes I would get a settlement, my car and super but I would lose what is most important to me.

Basically I feel like I have to just toe the line and smile to avoid a conflict.

On a positive I did make an appointment to see a counsellor on Tuesday.