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Family therapy intensives

Community Member

Hi ,

I have a child with ASD level 2 a child with possibly adhd and add and I have depression and anxiety and we are having a hard time agreeing on parenting I. Situation due to the behavioural challenges we have with the kids and I would really like to do family therapy and I was wondering if anyone knows if there is still inpatient residential intensive family program where you go stay and do therapy .I did it when I was a kid with my family for 2 weeks and think it could be beneficial for myself ,my kids and my husband . 

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Community Champion
Community Champion

Dear Laurn~

Firstly let me welcome you here to the Forum and secondly you have my apologies for the length of time it has taken for anyone here to get back to you. Sadly the system we have does not always work as we would wish. Please be assured it is not you, not the subject of you post, just the system.


Having children with ASD and possible ADHE is hard enough, and I'm not sure there is any manual or guide on how to cope. As a result it is sad but not unexpected that you may not feel the same about how things should be done as your husband.


That's not to say you are wrong, just getting both people in agreement can be very difficult.


I would think your idea of residential family therapy holds out a lot of promise especially as you have had good results in the past when you were a kid. May I ask if your husband would be willing to go?


I'm not sure we are able to recommend anything specific on the Forum itself however if you were to ring our 24/7 Help Line on  1300 22 4636 one of our councillors may be able to suggest something.


Having disagreements on top of daily living and trying to care for the kids is a very stressful thing, and I'd like to ask if you have any support? Perhaps in other areas you husband is there for you?


Apart from that is there anyone else you can lean on -family or a friend perhaps? They may be in a position to do something practical, like give you a rest from the kids, but even if not just listening to you and caring can make a big difference


Additionally can I ask if you are getting medical assistance for depression and anxiety? As thinks put more weight on one's shoulders I've found in my own case that makes these worse and my treatment has to vary accordingly.


Please let us know how you get on