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Family never call us never visited us

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Hi. I've been living on Australia for 9 years now. I'm single with a teenage boy. His father is aussie but we separated since 2013. My parents only talked to me because I would call them. They don't call me because they are missing me. I turned 40 recently my boy is 12. He is the only family I have and yes I'm blessed but I don't want to make him have this burden that is mine. My parents never call it is not his fault. His father was absent many times he knows rejection but I am giving him the best care I can possibly give. I'm writing to you because I realised how worthless is my life; I had a car accident 4 days ago..... No one knew obviously they all live overseas, but the thought of me dying and no one would care. I was ok that day, I went home no scratch but throughout the day my body felt numb, I felt extremely fatigued. I slept for more than 15 hours. My son arrived yesterday from his dad's. No one knew. No one asked here, no one asked from overseas. I'm all alone. I'm scared and I suffocate. I felt like screaming so I went for a quick walk on the road, it was almost midnight but I could not scream, there was people there. I am in bed now crying and no one knows.

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Hi Michouneta

Welcome to the forum and I am so glad that in your time of sadness and loneliness that you have reached out and that you have found your way here to a really supportive and caring community, welcome.

I can hear how sad you are and I am so sorry that you don't have the immediate support around you to care and to comfort you, having people there just to check and see that you are alright, I am so very sorry that you are feeling so isolated and alone.

I am wondering if you have some hobbies or some interests or things that you like doing and perhaps joining a club or a group so that you can make some new friends and some connections, even things like the local bingo or craft groups, just something to start with to get you out into the community to meet some people. I know these sorts of things are not for everyone but you just never know who you might meet there and even if you connect with one person, that is wonderful.

I can hear what a wonderful and caring person you are and that you are being a loving and supportive mother to your son, now it is time to be this kind and caring to you and do some things that make you feel loved and supported, even things like going to the hairdresser or to the local library, just out and about to meet some new people and do something for you.

I am so pleased to you have come to chat to day and it would be great to chat to you some more.

Hug to you Michouneta