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Family issues

Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

rt. To the point where I am now totally alone. In the last two years Not once have they contacted me. Unless I contacted them. Even then they cut it very short. Saying they were to busy to talk with me. I am in a nursing home and cannot walk very far. The activities have no interest for me. No one visits me at all I just sit in my room alone with my computer and television carving human contact. Yet staff are to busy to sit and chat. My physical health Is now on the decline My mental health is fast going out the door. Almost daily I wish it was over. The only thug stopping me is my two Children I want to be around for their 21firsts.

I have just got NDIS funding a few months back. I have organized OT assessments For aids and Equipment invoices have gone in. I have been quietly chasing the NDIS to get things moving Yet all I get in response is where are the invoices where did you send them.

I get no visitors I can visit no one. I am trying to get back to church but cannot because I cannot walk from the car park to the Church. and I have ne wheel chair. I have begged and pleaded for 4 years now. on my Knees. and I still have to wait. I need people in front of me talking English to me to feel better. A mobility scooter to get out and do stuff. Can some one suggest some thing PLEASE.


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Blue Voices Member
Blue Voices Member

Hi Kanga. We have spoken occasionally in The Cafe. I'm really sorry for you being in this situation. It must be so difficult, especially with still young children whom you obviously adore.

There is obviously no easy solution, or you would have done it. I have only a couple of weeks ago started to volunteer in a Nursing Home in my local small town. While there I met a lot of other volunteers who visit residents at the nursing home on a regular (weekly usually) basis. Its called a Community Visitor Scheme and they have volunteers who visit residents in nursing homes as well as isolated people who still live in their own homes. Just mentioning this as I realise you hope to be going home once the NDIS is all approved and running.

I'm in NSW, and if I recall correctly I think you're somewhere in VIC? The CVS and other volunteer opportunities is run locally (I think through our Council) and is funded by the State Govt. Are you able to enquire whether your local area have something similar in your area? If they do, they would normally speak to you and get an idea of what your interests are and match you with a volunteer with similar interests. Then your visitor can either go to the Home and just chat, or occasionally get out to a Cafe for a cuppa or lunch.

You say you have no wheelchair. Do you use a wheelie walker to get around within the Home grounds? If so, then you would be able to take that with you if your volunteer visitor was prepared to take you out in their car.

I just looked up the Victorian Community Visitor Scheme. They do indeed have one. The website says: To request a visit from a Community Visitor to a Victorian disability accommodation service, supported residential service or mental health facilities, contact Office of the Public Advocate's Advice Service 1300 309 337 (Mon-Fri 9am-4.45pm).

Wishing you luck Kanga.


Manda I am linked into a local group that visits you in home or nursing home. It can be hit and miss though. like if they are ill or something comes up. I now have the NDIS funding and it now means OT assessments for aids and equipment for the home and wheel chairs. Then it has to be approved by SWEP who do some more funding. After that the NDIS number crunch and say yes or no. At any point some one can say no I get nothing. It could also mean I have to move house any where nothing I can do about it its put up and shut up. I have been waiting 2 months for the scooter that the OT said would work. Swep have said yes and passed it on 7 weeks back. I am being told be thankful wait I have doctors appointments I need the scooter just to walk into the building as for a wheelie walker as you called it. A walking frame still puts pressure on my knees pressure on knees means heaps of pain. the further I walk the more pain or even a fall try tho get me up off the floor. Elephants have it easier as I have the weight and very bad arthritis in both knees. just sitting down hurts my kneesmovement hurts even more

You wernt to know You are coming from a good place have a great day