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Family Frustrations

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I will try to keep this brief, background; I am a 50yr old woman, chronic pain, depression for most of my life (medicated) I have 18yo girl & 16yo girl at home as well as husband who also has depression. My younger daughter has anxiety and is probably on the outer edge of the spectrum my husband and her are very similar. There is often a lot of stressful moments in our house, I have tried different approaches to diffuse these but have taken to eating every time it starts as I just don't feel like I can cope. I would love nothing more than to have a peaceful home as I have enough to deal with (health issues).
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Champion Alumni
hello Ellen, I would expect that life at home would be very tense and it would be difficult for you to try and 'diffuse' the situation, because nobody is going to pay any attention, and whether eating is the best approach will depend on how much you do eat and if you are concerned about any weight issues.
I would be getting your daughters to contact ReachOut because the situation with all of you having depression in one way or another needs to be sorted out, and not only will medication help but combined with counselling, so I'm not sure whether this has happened and would like to hear back from you.
I also suggest that you have your own medication reviewed by your doctor, especially if they aren't working. Geoff.